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February 17–18, 2018
Harris Hill Ski Jump Competition

Blaz Pavlic, winner of the Fred Harris Memorial Tournament and hill record breaker, high fives a fan.

The Jump Is On!

Snowmaking is in full operation. The hill is being groomed into shape. We will definitely be jumping this weekend and the weather looks perfect!!!

Harris Hill Ski Jump Distance Record Broken!

Sunday February 19, 2017—18 year-old Slovenian, Blaz Pavlic, broke the hill’s distance record with a 104 meter jump in front of a crowd of several thousand spectators. He beat two dozen of the world’s best up-and-coming ski jumpers Sunday to win the Harris Hill Ski Jump’s annual namesake Fred Harris Memorial Tournament. “The headwind helped me,” Pavlic said of his historic leap. “It lifted me up, and then I just said, ‘Go for it.”

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