Sponsor a Step

There are 158 steps along the side of the jump. You can support Harris Hill by purchasing one of these steps for $1,000. Steps have been sold to individuals and families, in memory of and in honor of friends and family, former jumpers, businesses, and organizations.

Each step is numbered. The kiosk at the bottom of the hill lists the number and the name for everyone to see!

View the current list below to see what’s available, and choose your number. Then send us a check (payable to Harris Hill Ski Jump, Inc.) for $1,000 and indicate the name or names as you would like them to appear next to your number. Be sure to include your e-mail and/or telephone number in case we have questions.

Harris Hill Ski Jump
PO Box 8284
Brattleboro, Vermont 05304

Step Donors
  1. The Manton Foundation
  2. Pat Howell and Mel Martin
  3. The Thorndike Family
  4. For the love of skiing—The Corums
  5. The Thomas Thompson Trust
  6. Brunelle & Son Construction
  7. Peter, Jody, Willy and Katie Graves
  8. In Memory of Jeffrey T. King
  9. Gary King
  10. The Richards Group
  11. Mark, Liz and Annie Richards
  12. Walter Purda
  13. Roland and Harriet Fisher
  14. Peter, Liz, Lillie, Sophie and Mark Richards
  15. Drew, Tammy, and Hailey Richards
  16. Dunham Mason Fund
  17. The McGinn Family
  18. Town of Brattleboro
  19. The Brattleboro Outing Club
  20. The Taggard Family
  21. Gene and Mark Levasseur
  22. The Crosby Foundation
  23. Robert T. Gannett
  24. The Arthur Magnaghi Family
  25. Sam Bunker
  26. John Bunker
  27. Stairway to Heaven—Barry & Kathy Beeman
  28. GS Precision
  29. Philip and Marcia Steckler
  30. Keith and Nancy Clarke
  31. Jeff Clarke, Kris Ryan—Clarke & Tom and Cristina Calcagni
  32. John and Lynne Dimick
  33. Jim Holland
  34. Joe Holland
  35. Fleming Oil Company
  36. David Manning
  37. Subhash (Sam) Vaidya
  38. Livingstone Family for Herman and Joe, 1929
  39. In memory of Fred and Helen Harris
  40. Jean Bell Gorsuch
  41. Bo Foard and Mel Kahn
  42. Bob and Booie Fagelson
  43. Leader Distribution Systems
  44. Rick Manson
  45. The Windham Foundation
  46. In Memory of Kelsey Wells & Kevin Squires
  47. Bruce and Susan Wiggett
  48. Robert L. Headley
  49. Jon and Anne Tobey
  50. Windham Wheelmen
  51. Hollie Bowen and Paul Love
  52. Bill and Jane Cantlin
  53. Jonathan Chase
  54. In Memory of Ann H. Cummings—Chuck Cummings Family
  55. Brattleboro Naturopathic Clinic
  56. The French Family
  57. Prentiss Smith
  58. Steve Zaluzney
  59. In Memory of Ronald J. Read
  60. William and Susan Zelenakas
  61. Dana and Karen Zelenakas
  62. The Kuralt Family
  63. Tom and Lynn Kuralt
  64. Debbie and Bonnie Kuralt
  65. Kristin and Tom Kuralt, Jr.
  66. Paul and Melissa Kuralt
  67. Dana Sprague
  68. Chad, Amelia and Lucy Farnum
  69. J. Evans Construction
  70. Paul Nasuta
  71. Rex and Marilyn Bell
  72. Phil Brown, BUHS Class of 1962
  73. Stephen R. Phillips
  74. In Memory of Frank and Nick Giamartino
  75. Bill and Linda Bedard
  76. Milton and Barbara Gilmore and family
  77. In Memory of Rick and John Sherwin
  78. Terrance and Loretta Martin
  79. The Freeport Freeloaders
  80. Petria Mitchell & Paul McKelvey
  81. In Memory of Steven B. Dix
  82. Kevin Morgan
  83. Tom and Gail Nunziata
  84. Bob and Donna Remy-Powers
  85. Brattleboro Savings and Loan
  86. Mount Snow Ltd.
  87. Marianne Fairall
  88. Our Step – Daryl Pillsbury’s Telethon Donors
  89. Eastern Ski Jumping and Nordic Combined
  90. Eastern Amateur Ski Educational Foundation
  91. Sonny’s Pit Stop
  92. In memory of Larry Cooke
  93. Millington Dix
  94. James Wilmott
  95. Janet Zinter
  96. Jill Spiro and Luke and Stephan Morse
  97. Stacy Subaru
  98. The Einigs
  99. In Memory of Cedar F. Cowles
  100. Jim Galanes
  101. Alvan Ryan and Pauline L.H. Ryan
  102. Stephen A. Hall BUHS/Norwich University
  103. Andy, Alex, and David Rome
  104. Brattleboro Lodge of Elks #1499
  105. Phil Dunham, “The Flying Dentist”
  106. Dave and Cindy Twombly
  107. In memory of Frank Holt Dearborn—The Dearborn Family
  108. Pam and Lawrin Crispe
  109. The Merrill Family and Sons Eric and David, Jumpers
  110. In Memory of Andrew “Drew” Jewett 
  111. Barbara Harris and Woody
  112. Keep Soaring—Families of Thomas E. & Robert P. Manning 
  113. Trust Company of Vermont
  114. Philip Wheeler, Jr.
  115. Dr. Philip H. Wheeler
  116. Mary Mann
  117. Harold P. White
The Harris Hill Ski Jump, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization.