History Timeline

Compiled  by Dana Sprague

Construction begins on Cedar Street

Jump Built ($2,200)—construction completed one week before first jump
New England Distance Record Set

Vermont State Championship
Eastern Amateur Championship

National Championship
Paul Whiteman’s Famous Leviathan Orchestra plays at Ski Jump
Ball at Community Hall
Winged Ski Trophy Purchased for $750
$500 worth of improvements on hill

Eastern Amateur Championship
Charles Mazettis Famous White Fleet Orchestra of 10 pieces at
Community Hall – Ski Jump Ball

Vermont State Championship
Anson Smith’s Famous Havanna Orchestra of 10 pieces at
Community Hall – Ski Jump Ball

New England Ski Jump Championship
Ski Jump Ball – Minot-Doyle Orchestra
Reginald & Carol Kendall of Norwich take a toboggan off Harris Hill and through a flaming hoop
Everett Davidson becomes the first Class B jumper to win meet

New England Championship
Dick Newcomb’s 12 piece orchestra at Community Hall – Ski Jump Ball

National Championship
New tower built
Dick Newcomb’s Band plays at Ski Jump Ball

No Jump
Bing Anderson (past hill record holder) convicted of murder and hanged 5/23/1930

New England Championship
Bill Murphy’s 11 Royal Arcadians Band plays at Community Hall –
Ski Jump Ball

No Jump

New England Championship
Miss Grace Hamblet (Keene, NH) chosen Queen of Ski Jump Ball
McEvens Orchestra play at Armory

Vermont State Championship
Special Train from from New London, CT to see jump
Toboggan jump added attraction at Harris Hill

New England Championship
Loud Speaker live “Mike” added to event for first time
Helen Newton (Storrs, CT) crowned Queen
Bill Murphy Royal Arcadians at Community Hall – Ski Jump Ball

Eastern Ski Championship
Merrill Barber sets amateur record with jump of 198 feet

No Jump

National Ski Championship
Landing hill improved
Triple jump held (3 jumpers off jump at once)
Gene Brodman and his college collegians plays at Ski Jump Ball
Mezzy Barber disqualified from Olympic Team (Deemed Professional)

Invitation meet
The Barbary Coast Orchestra of Dartmouth plays at Ski Jump Ball

Invitation Jump
Triple Jump Held
Ray Hill & His Orchestra plays at Community Hall – Ski Jump Ball

Invitation Jump
Major Improvement to hill
New profile

National Championship
Torger Tokle retires winged trophy for first time
Mezzy Barber named to Olympic Team, but Olympics canceled because of war

No Jump–WWII

Invitation jump
Bus runs every 10 minutes from Main Street to ski jump
Lowell Thomas delivers his news from Ski Jump Ball
New winged trophy on display
First woman jumper

Open Invitation Meet
Sonny Williams 13 piece Orchestra, 700 attend Ski Ball
Parking banned on streets
Warren Huston (major league baseball player) attends jump
Six Norwegians attend jump

Open Invitation Meet
Repairs done to Hill
Decision made to replace wooden in-run with dirt mound
Governor Ernest Gibson attends jump

Open Invitation Meet
Dirt mount replaces wooden trestle at a cost of $2,500

Open Invitation Meet
30 police officers needed to handle big crowd
102 jumpers attend

National Championship
Brattleboro Ski Jump re-named after Fred Harris
38 police needed to help with crowds
164 jumper compete (largest crowd ever)

Open Invitation Meet
121 jumpers on hand
Mezzy Barber National Champ

Open Invitation Meet

Open Invitation Meet
Merrill “Mezzy” Barber jumps for the last time, after 29 years of jumping
Snow collected from streets to put on hill
90 minute color ski film (with sound) plays at Community Hall

Open Invitation Meet
Art Devlin jumps with cast on arm
Martin Iger photographs jump by suspending a cable across landing hill while sitting in a boatswain chair
Vermont Life runs story about Harris Hill

Open Invitation Meet
Buddy Morrissean carries an American Flag down landing to start jump
Fred Harris inducted into National Ski Hall of Fame

Open Invitation Meet
Winter Carnival Starts (24,250 attend week long events)
Art Devlin becomes second jumper to retire trophy
Dr. Phil Dunham wins Veterans Division
Eleanor Jones first Carnival Queen
New tower built – $2,700
New judges’ stand built – $498
Replace fence at cost of $210

Open Invitational Meet
New Winged Trophy

Open Invitational Meet
Bernard Dion (17) becomes only the second Class B jumper to win the Harris Hill meet

Open Invitational Ski Jump
Dr. Phil Dunham was longest jump in Veteran Class (184 feet)

National Championship
Dr. Phil Dunham wins Veterans National Championship
Vermont Academy Skiers help get jump in shape
Founder, Fred Harris dies

Open Invitational Meet
Governor Ray Keysar attends jump
Art Tokle becomes oldest jumper to win at Harris Hill at age 40

Open Invitational Meet
Ski Jump banquet held at Latchis Hotel
Two Swedish Jumpers – finish one/two

Open Invitation Meet
Jet plane flys over event
Eric Merrill named to Eastern Team

Fred Harris Memorial Ski Jumping Tournament
Woofgang Happle of Germany set new record, but finishes second to Sepp Lichtenegger of Austria

Eastern Amateur Ski Association Championship
Eric Merrill becomes first local jumper to win since Mezzy Barber in 1947
Dr. Phil Dunham wins 6th straight Veterans title
Junior jumping program featured in Vermont Life Magazine

Open Invitation Meet
Dave Merrill of Brattleboro wins Class B
Dr. Phil Dunham wins again in Veterans Class

Hugh Barber & Dana Zelenakas named to Eastern Team
Dana Zelanakas named to National Team

National Championship
Dana Zelenakas represents National Team

Fred Harris Memorial Meet
19 jumps in excess of 200 feet
Don West beat Dr. Phil Dunham in Veterans Class
Bernie Wells wins Junior Class at Harris Hill
Phil Rancourt, Dave Lantz, Bernie Wells and Dave Austin make Junior National Team
Bernie Wells wins Junior Nationals
Peter Graves competes at Junior Nationals

Fred Harris Memorial Jump
Bernie Wells wins Junior Honors
Phil Rancourt wins Vermont High School Championship
Hugh Barber wins New York State Championship

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Brattleboro Jumper, Hugh Barber, wins Harris Hill event
Jim Galanes wins Junior Class
Dana Zelanakas named to Olympic Team
Jerry Galanes, Jim Baker, Steve Wood and Kevin Whitworth named to Jr. National Team

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Hugh Barber wins again at Harris Hill
Hugh Barber only American to finish in top 10 at the National
Collegiate Championship
Terry Tyler wins World Heavy Weight Ski Jumping Championship

Hugh Barber retires trophy, wins for third year in a row
Jump enlarged with two starts added

National Championship
Harris Hill first fatality. Jeff Wright, 22, of Minneapolis and a member of the US Ski Team, has a fatal fall at Harris Hill
Kevin Whitworth named to Junior National Team
Terry Tyler wins World Heavy Weight Ski Jumping Championship for second time

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
BOC trucks in 150 truck loads of snow
Bill Koch wins Silver Medal at Olympics

Fred Harris Invitational Ski Jumping Tournament
Because of snow conditions, the longest jump was less than 200 feet for the first time since 1935
Jim Galanes wins National Nordic/Combined
Todd Brooks wins Vermont High School Championship
Alan Sargent retires as Harris Hill Director after 28 years

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Banquet held at Country Kitchen
Todd Brooks, Tim Barrett and Jeff Baker named to Junior National Team
Terry Tyler wins World Heavy Weight Ski Jumping Championship for third time
Todd Brooks won Vermont High School Championship
Tim Barrett named to Junior National Team

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Walter Malmquist earns second leg of winged trophy, classifying
Harris Hill as: “Second only to Winning a Gold Medal”
Todd Brooks wins Vermont High School State Championship for third straight year

No Snow
Todd Brooks wins Junior Nationals
Tim Barrett named to Junior World Champion Team

No Snow
Rex Bell named coach of National Team

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
18-year old Jeff Volmrich upsets Walter Malmquist
Dana Zelanakis comes out of retirement to compete in the Veterans Class
Millington Dix retires
Banquet held at American Legion
Grooming machines from Maple Valley used for first time

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Bernie Wells, jumping for the first time in six years, comes out of retirement, and was a forerunner

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Parking lot closed because of mud
Bernie Wells wins Veterans Class
Earl Murphy oldest ski jumper in the world at 56, on hand for Harris Hill Jump
Jeff Hasting has the highest finish ever for an American in the Olympics, finishing 4th at Sarajevo

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Norwegians finish one/two
Snow from parking lot dumped on landing
Target jump held for first time
Ticket prices raised to $5
Mike Holland sets World Distance Record – 186 Meters (610 feet)

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Snow making added to jump, making Harris Hill one of only three jumps
in the country with this capability
Jeff Volmrich wins second leg on Winged Trophy
Kevin Whitworth wins Veterans Class

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Three Austrians, Two Finns and two Norwegians compete at Harris Hill
Volmrich and Malmquist both fall short in attempt to retire trophy

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
BOC honors past winners during 65th year with Banquet at Putney Inn – nine past winners attend
Howard Dean presents medals to winners
Todd Einig makes Junior Olympic Team

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Todd Brooks second in Veterans Class
Ticket price raised to $8
Steiner Bratten of Norway edges Chris Hastings and Jim Holland to win at Harris Hill
Harris Hill renovated

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
US Jumpers finish one, two, three for first time with Mike Holland winning trophy
Dr. Phil Dunham and Alan Sargent inducted into Masters Hall of Fame

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Yugoslavians finish one/two

National Championship
US finishes one/two/three

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
16 year-old Drew Richards jumps Harris Hill for the first time, finishes third

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Drew Richards finishes second
Temperature hits 55 degrees

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Jim Holland retires with a win at Harris Hill
Harold Deissi (Austria) has first 300 foot jump at Harris Hill (304)
Troy Hanson and Jesse Amidon qualify for Junior Olympics

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Toby Sprague retires from judging after 20 years
Vladimir Glyvka wins first leg upsetting two Austrians and Casey Colby
Eddie “The Eagle” Edwards competes (sort of)

75th Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
12 year-old Linsey Van of Park City, Utah falls on Saturday and is unable to compete
59 year-old Don West becomes the oldest jumper to jump Harris Hill

No Snow
Ski jump featured in Vermont Life

Fred Harris Memorial Tourament
Vladimir Glyvka wins second leg of Winged Trophy
14 of 21 jumpers were 18 years-old or younger
12 year-old Willy Graves jumps Harris Hill for the first time
Mezzy Barber elected to Ski Hall of Fame
Brad Baker (son of jumper Jim Baker) drafted First Round by Boston Red Sox

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Vladimir Glyvka retires winged trophy
Willy Graves qualifies for Junior Olympic Team

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Jannie Rand competes at Harris Hill to become a third generate Rand to do so
53 jumps exceed the 80 meter mark

80th year of ski jumping in Brattleboro
US Jumper Casey Colby wins event
Jump held in January as to not compete with Olympics

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
New Judges Stand built with a donation of $25,000 from the Rotary Club
Harris Hill Ski Jump, Inc. incorporates on October 15, 2003

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Willie Graves wins Junior Division

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
Jump postponed by one month because of weather
Willy Graves wins North American Championship in 90m and 120m
Fred Harris inducted into Vermont Ski Hall of Fame
Harris Hill obtains non-profit status 2/28/2005

2006, 2007, 2008
Construction of new jump
New steel tower, start, in-run
Widening of landing
Safety/Reflective boards on landing
New steel stairs from bottom to take off
Changed out-run

Fred Harris Memorial Tournament
16 year-old Spencer Knickerbocker becomes the first ski jumper to jump off the newly renovated Harris Hill Ski Jump
Torch Light Parade kicks off 2009 jump events
Biggest crowd since 1987 – 5,400 paying customers
Representatives from 18 media outlets cover jump

Judges stand painted green
Tower/In-Run painted green
Permanent sign erected at entrance on Cedar Street
Kiosk erected at base of hill
Brattleboro born Nick Alexander makes Olympic Jumping Team
Electricity installed at Harris Hill
Chris Lamb set new hill record

No snow making needed due to heavy snow fall
USA Ski Jumping (USASJ) Organization formed
United States Collegiate Ski Association (USCSA) revived
Harris Hill becomes FIS certified on 11-24-2011
Harris Hill becomes first US jump approved for FIS jump
Willy Graves wins US College Championship
On April 6, 2011, the International Olympic Committee announced Women’s Ski Jumping would be on the 2013 Olympic program in Sochi, Russia for the first time.
According to Deedee Corradini, the Women’s Ski Jumping USA president, 2014 will be the “first gender-equal Winter Games in Olympic history.”

Permanent coaches stand built
BOC deeds the land that the ski jump is on to Harris Ski Jump, Inc. – January 9
US College Championship held at Harris Hill
First FIS Tournament in US held at Harris Hill
Cement poured for distance cameras
US Jumpers place first, second and third
Pulitzer Prize winning photographer Stan Grossfeld covers Harris Hill event for Boston Globe
US Finals of FIS held at Harris Hill
Record amount of snow made for 2012 jump
Electronic marking used for the first time

Reflective boards painted red
Fence on outrun painted yellow
A Japanese jumper competes for the first time
Handrail installed at bottom of stairs
Chris Lamb wins for second time
Harris Hill holds only U.S. FIS event
Coaches stand painted yellow
Wooden building placed at bottom of hill
Harris Hill Ski Jump Committee awarded Jumping/Nordic combined Club of the year at the U.S. Ski & Snowboard Association (USSA) Congress

Women jumpers compete in Olympics for the first time 16 inches of snow cancel Friday practice
Only US FIS tournament held at Harris Hill
Brattleboro born Nick Alexander makes Olympic team for second time
All four Olympic men ski jumpers were past Harris Hill jumpers (Anders Johnson, Nick Fairall, Nick Alexander, Peter Frenette)
Linsey Van finishes 10th at the first Olympic for women jumpers

Second coldest jump on record:  5°F
Largest number of countries compete – 8
First ever Turkish jumper to compete
Sunday’s competition delayed 1/2 hour due to heavy snowfall overnight
Town of Brattleboro loses power for 1/2 hour during middle of Sunday’s competition, causing loss of PA system and electronic timing
Chain link fence installed around outrun
Judges’ stand painted blue; registration building painted red
Permanent snowmaking to connect to town water
Snowmaking pipes extended to inrun

57° on Sunday
August: Land surrounding the plot owned by Harris Hill Ski Jump is given to the newly formed The Retreat Farm, Ltd, by the Windham Foundation.

57° on Sunday
New hill record set, 104 meters/341 feet, by 18-year old Blaz Pavlic, Slovenia
2 days warm and sunny weather
Record crowd; record gate; food and beer vendors ran low
New metal flight of stairs installed at base of inrun